Odebrecht Informa magazine

Odebrecht Informa magazine promotes an important exchange of knowledge and experiences among Members who work in different parts of the world. Published in three different languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish –, the publication reaches all of the countries in which Odebrecht operates, disseminating values, objectives, strategies and business practices.

The publication also helps preserve the principles of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) and align the different businesses that are part of the Organization. The magazine, which is published twice a month, is distributed via printed copy and there is also an .

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports present the qualitative and quantitative indicators associated with the activities of the Odebrecht companies. The documents also include the Organization’s Social Balance, demonstrating how it fulfilled its commitment to providing good services and high quality products. Such a commitment is fulfilled while fully complying with applicable law, and while respecting the environment and Community.

Accordingly, the Reports reveal how Odebrecht drives the self-development of its Members and the technological progress and development of the Communities – necessary conditions to continue along the path toward Survival, Growth and Perpetuity.

View the past Annual Reports of the Odebrecht Organization: