ETH Bioenergy

The energy sector starts to change, and renewable sources are gaining more and more space in Brazil and abroad. Aware of Brazilian trends and potential in this area, Odebrecht has been directing resources to the segment since 2007 – the year ETH Bioenergia was created .

ETH was born with the objective of achieving leadership in the global sugar-energy sector. Through the production of ethanol, electricity and sugar, it supplies the Brazilian market with clean energy.

ETH’s business model is based on the development of production centers that bring together technology and scale, combining competitiveness and sustainability.

After purchasing the Alcídia Unit, located in Teodoro Sampaio, in the interior of São Paulo, and the Eldorado Unit, in the municipality of Rio Brilhante, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, ETH consolidated its presence in the market with the inauguration of seven greenfield projects: Conquista do Pontal Unit (Mirante do Paranapanema, São Paulo), Santa Luzia Unit (Nova Alvorada do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul), Rio Claro Unit (Caçu, Goiás), Morro Vermelho Unit (Mineiros – Goiás), Alto do Taquari Unit (Alto Taquari – Mato Grosso do Sul), Costa Rica Unit (Costa Rica – Mato Grosso do Sul) and the Água Emendada Unit, located in the municipality of Perolândia, in Goiás.

In February 2010, ETH announced the combination of assets with the Brazilian Renewable Energy Company – BRENCO, resulting in the formation of the world leader in bioenergy from sugar cane.

In 2012, ETH Bioenergia will have nine production units, with an installed capacity to process 40 million tons of sugarcane, produce 3 billion liters of ethanol and 2,700 Gwh of electricity.

By integrating production, marketing and logistics activities, ETH innovates in this market. The company operates from the cultivation and harvesting of sugar cane, in preparing the soil and choosing suitable varieties, to the production, sale and delivery of products.

To become a leader in the sector in 2012, it works with an emphasis on sustainable practices and invests in cutting-edge technology and training of people .

In addition to developing new sugarcane species , ETH has gradually been mechanizing its production and training agricultural machine operators, so that these professionals know both the operation and maintenance of the equipment.