Do Team Building Activities Boost Work Productivity?

Do Team Building Activities Boost Work Productivity?

It is a well-known fact that a team that works well together is much more productive than a group of individuals.  Creating a workplace environment where everyone works together takes planning and effort, but the rewards are more than worth it.  A popular way to achieve this is by using team-building exercises.

What Are the Benefits of Team Building Exercises?

The purpose of team-building activities is to motivate members of a group to get to know and respect one another using games, meetings, or events.  They can be short activities taking place at work or more extended day or weekend events taking place offsite.  These activities are designed to build trust and communication among people who regularly work together professionally.  Whether big or small, team-building events have many benefits.  Normal businesses do not usually keep things like a mechanical bull or inflatable games in the cupboard for the next event but it is easy to hire them from party rental companies when needed.

1)    Creates a Stronger Bond Between Employees

team-buildingWorking together in an unfamiliar environment to accomplish tasks changes the dynamics of a team and creates stronger bonds between them.  While they may be accustomed to working together on an office project when they are instead working together to make a raft, your employees will appreciate new aspects of their colleague’s abilities.  This will lead to increased respect and trust between your team members, which will increase productivity in the workplace.

2)    Improves Team Communication

Team building exercises encourage staff to communicate with each other to complete tasks and solve problems.  The tasks often force people to find new ways to communicate, which can be useful when they are back in the office.  Team building exercises efficiently develop practical communication skills in a low-risk, fun environment.  A simple exercise is to have two employees sit back-to-back and give one an image that they have to describe to the other so they can draw it accurately.  Having ways to clearly and accurately communicate with each other is a vital foundation of a productive team.

3)    Encourages Collaboration

Team building games teach individuals to collaborate effectively together.  When everyone is working together on a common goal, duplication of work is decreased, and there is less friction.  Escape rooms are an easy and popular way to achieve this.  If hiring an escape room is not an option, then a simple version could be staged in the office, giving the team puzzles to solve in a set period of time.  If you want to add a fun element, you could have a designated ‘monster’ tied up in the corner of the room whose rope is lengthened every 5 minutes until they can reach the team, adding to the time pressure.

4)    Builds Morale and Confidence

Team exercises and games can improve morale and break down barriers between employees.  Spending time doing a fun activity helps create a good atmosphere in the office.  It also makes your staff feel valued that their employers are willing to spend time and money on their well-being.  Employees are more motivated when they know that they are being cared for and will be rewarded for their hard work.  However, when choosing a team-building activity, it is essential to consider your staff’s abilities, temperaments, and fitness levels.  While some employees might be thrilled to tackle an assault course or stage a musical, it could be other employees’ worse nightmare!

5)    Makes Managers More Approachable

corporate-dayTeam building days are a great way to make managers more approachable.  Once staff have cheered on their boss as they ride a mechanical bull or run with them in a three-legged race, they will no longer view their manager as a distant, critical figure but as a supportive team member.  Employees who are confident in communicating with their team leaders are more likely to ask for help and support when they need it.  Having a good relationship between staff and management increases employee satisfaction and productivity and makes it easier to discuss new ideas or raise concerns.

Do Team Building Activities Work?

It may seem counter-intuitive for a business to spend time and money on activities that take their staff away from their work.  However, numerous studies have shown that investing in team-building activities is wise.  The benefits demonstrated above lead to increased productivity and more efficient working practices.  Employees develop better working relationships with each other and their superiors.  Feeling valued as individuals improves workers’ self-esteem and mental health, leading to fewer sick days and a happy, positive workplace.  Team-building activities definitely work!