2020 Vision

Base that Never Changes

The Organization’s operations are based on its own business culture, called Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology, developed using over 65 years of business experience and founded on a set of Philosophical Concepts:

  • Confidence in the Human Being and his/her capacity to develop through work
  • Spirit of service
  • Posture of humbleness and simplicity
  • Decentralized operations based on planned delegation and partnership
  • Transparent and open communication between Leader and those he/she Leads
  • Permanent desire to surpass the results obtained

The Organization’s mission is to generate increased wealth for Clients, Shareholders, Members and Communities, aiming to Survive, Grow and Perpetuate.

The Organization Members are Knowledgeable People whose personal values are aligned with the Organization’s Philosophical Concepts, who have knowledge and information and who communicate, take decisions and make things happen.

The Organization’s differentiating force lies in its capacity to identify, train and integrate Leaders who, through planned delegation, work from a Small Company to ensure Client satisfaction and, consequently, the generation of wealth.

Summary of Odebrecht Organization 2020 Vision

Odebrecht is an Organization formed by thousands of Knowledgeable People who are capable of satisfying Clients’ needs through innovative solutions that contribute to a better world.

Odebrecht Organization 2020 Vision

While extremely proud of its Brazilian origin, Odebrecht is a Global Organization, with thousands of Knowledgeable People of different nationalities and with different skills, all united by the same business culture, the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).

Establishing long term commitments, it builds political-strategic relationships based on trust and integrates fully with society, becoming a source of pride for the Communities in which it operates through its contribution to sustainable development.

It earns the trust of its Clients, associates and external partners with its capacity to achieve, fulfillment of the commitments it assumes, excellence in all it does, transparency and good governance.

It has become Clients’ top choice due to its recognized capacity to satisfy their needs by offering integrated and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges: availability of water, energy, infrastructure, industrial raw materials and food.

The Organization’s Educator Leaders train and integrate thousand of Knowledgeable People each year, practice full entrepreneurship and capture synergies at the Organization in order to satisfy Clients and generate wealth, promoting the growth, qualified diversification and perpetuity of their Business and the Organization.

It is one of the world’s 50 most admired organizations, a leader in the businesses or countries in which it operates and a reference in the creation of value and sustainable development for Clients, Shareholders, Members and Society.